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Stromak Automatic Transmission Products is one of the leading companies in Turkey in solutions related to transmission and powertrain. We offer our customers the best in outstanding service, the widest product range, aftermarket parts and premium remanufactured products. With our Mechanical Engineer staff, we provide the most effective support to all your materials and needs with our expertise and overseas technical support.

Stromak Automatic Transmission Products was established in 2009 in Ataşehir, Istanbul. In twelve years, we have managed to become a global product supplier of products such as automatic transmission units, automatic transmission kits, torque converters, valve bodies, automatic transmission filters, automatic transmission control cards, automatic transmission oils, automatic transmission rebuilding equipments.

Using our strong distribution network, we import and export products to more than 16 countries, especially to Europe, USA, UK, Azerbaijan, Cyprus… Today, most of our customers in Turkey receive their orders with same-day or next-day delivery. As Stromak Automatic Transmission Products, we work with many independent transmission repair shops, other transmission dealers and many companies in the auto industries in and around Turkey.

Our company is the authorized distributor of SONNAX, RAYBESTOS, TRANSTEC, ALLOMATIC and many other brands. We are at your service with a product range that will meet all your models and needs.


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Copyright by Stromak 2021. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Stromak 2021. All rights reserved.